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Topic: Cache Her If You Can Contest
started by: PC Medic

Posted by PC Medic on Aug. 28 2004,12:50 pm
Just got off the phone with Quinn. It appears Magellan's 'Cache Her If You Can' contest made its way into upstate New York (Mission 28)and the coordinates were released this morning.

Quinn was late (as usual  :grinnin  ) , but did manage to grab some great pics of everyone that made the attempt to be first. Must say it was one heck of a crowd!

First I would like to offer a thumbs-up :thumbs-up  to 'Seek2Find3' whom I have been told got there first to get the Grand Prize certificate.

Any way, for those interested I have just posted Quinn's pics in the gallery for all to see. So be sure to check out the Magellan Stella DeCache Mission 28 gallery pics. I have been told the local hero 'Seek2Find3' is the one in the blue 'Spidey' t-Shirt and will get his name added soon. If you see your pic and would like your username added below it, shoot me PM and I will see to it.

Now if one of these would just make it to my neck of the woods.  :grinnin

Posted by SueShe on Aug. 29 2004,3:08 pm
A big round of applause to Quinn for hooking up with Magellan and getting Rah-Cha-Cha involved in the contest!  It was so much fun deciphering the clues, meeting new and old friends, and of course...hunting down the cache!!  It was ALL GOOD   :grinnin
Posted by PC Medic on Aug. 29 2004,5:44 pm
Here is a link to the < Mission 28 Pics >
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