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Topic: Problems downloading waypoints
started by: cenobite07

Posted by cenobite07 on April 26 2004,9:58 pm
I'm having trouble dowloading waypoints from my sportrak pro.

It downloads 5 the resets itself. It turns off then back on and I get this error message:

GPS Communication Timeout. Communication has been lost. Make sure that the Nmea protocol on you MAP 330 has been lost.....

NMEA is off and it is a sportrak. It always dowloads 5 before re setting and it's laways the same 5.

I know I'm communicating because I was able to upload a map of northern califirnia with no problem but it won't download the waypoints....

I can't find help in the mapsend docs or magellans site.

Any ideas?


Posted by hvgbest on June 19 2004,3:46 am
What program are you using?
This programs seems to think there is another GPS at the other end.


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