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Topic: looking for someone in Australia
started by: wfc

Posted by wfc on Feb. 29 2004,2:08 am
i am looking for someone in austrlia who can help me setup my new meridian platium. To be able to help me out i would think that you may have to have a meridian yourself ;)
email me

Posted by welch on Feb. 29 2004,8:50 am
Is this something that needs to be phyiscally done?? (or why must the person be from Australia?)

I don't have a meridian myself, but im fairly sure someone around here knows something about them.

Posted by wfc on Feb. 29 2004,3:10 pm
pm sent
still looking for someone in australia with a meridian:)

Posted by Silver Spoons on Feb. 29 2004,5:26 pm

We are Aussies and use a Magellan Map330 perhaps we can help. Throw a question at us and we'll try.    :)

Posted by wfc on Feb. 29 2004,8:09 pm
you have a pm :)
Posted by olfella on June 11 2004,8:28 pm
Jackpot - I am in Oz and I have a pm.  Do you still need a hand?
Cheers - Eric:)

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