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started by: Silver Spoons

Posted by Silver Spoons on Feb. 27 2004,5:28 am
Does anyone have advice on the following.

I have been using a Magellan Map330N for quite some time now (2 years at least) and the unit has performed beautifully under all conditions, even after the odd drop on hard surfaces or scrape against rocky outcrops. The body has a few nicks and bumps, this I can live with but the screen is now looking a little worse for wear. There are various scratches on the screen and it's getting worse  so I was wondering if anyone has ever had their viewing glass/plastic replaced and if so how much is it likely to cost. TIA.

Posted by deckyon on Feb. 27 2004,10:13 am
This would require some research, but I have heard of a "paste" that is used on eyeglasses to "remove" the scratches form the surface.  I do not know what it is called, or I could provide a link to something.

This would certainly be cheaper than sending the unit somewhere and have the screen/glass replaced.  If you can find the paste, let me know because I would use it for mine.  I use (from the beginning) screen protectors.  I bought ones for one of the PocketPCs (Casio Cassiopeia) and cut it to size.  Won't get rid of the scratches, but will keep it from getting more scratched up.

Good luck

Posted by Quinn on Feb. 27 2004,12:37 pm can send it into Magellan for screen replacement also if you can't find the scratch filler or if you just plain dont want to go that route.

Contact tech support at Magellan and they will give you an exact cost to have this done. If you can't find your answers let me know and I will try to dig into this for you.

Posted by barrington on Feb. 28 2004,5:04 pm
I've used "Mother's" brand plastic polish with good results. It's available at auto parts stores.  Simoniz polishing compound also works well (their rubbing compound will, too, but it's a little harsh; maybe use it as a first step on badly scuffed surfaces).
Posted by PC Medic on Feb. 28 2004,5:56 pm
I know that when you have a visible scratch on a CD that is causing it not to play correctly a light application of Rain-X (Yes, the stuff for your car windshield) will fix it. I have also used it on a cell phone display to hide a light scratch.

Note that this is only recommended if your display is glass and NOT plastic.

Posted by Silver Spoons on Feb. 29 2004,5:21 pm
Thanks for the advice all. I'll look into using some of your tips soon.    :;):
Posted by Sgt1Thor on Jan. 19 2005,11:28 am
I had an 315 for almost 5 years. This year the display cracked, so I contacted Magellan in the Netherlands. They told me it could not be repaired as the unit is molded together. So I bought a new MeridianGold
Posted by Gander on June 20 2005,9:04 am
I just bought a gps 300 on EBay for $56 (US).  Since I'm a newbie, and this is my first post, hello all!   I haven't even received it yet in the mail, can you download maps into it?  I guess I should wait till I get it before I start asking questions.   I can hardly wait to hit the trails, I'm doing the research and see that there are around 50 cache's within 10 miles of me.  Don't worry, I'm a veteran of the backwoods, and have done a lot of backpacking, I won't be running blind into the woods looking for extremely hard stuff first.  I'm going to start with the stuff in parks and such.

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