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Topic: Corrupted upgrade?
started by: GeeCue

Posted by GeeCue on Feb. 01 2004,7:38 am
Greetings All,
              I have the Magellan Meridian GPS and have just upgraded the units software from 2.0, to the new 4.2 from Magellans Website. The problem I am now experiencing is that in the lower left corner of the map display, the small legend that USED to show the footage guage of the map, now is just a black bar. It looks like the footage guage is underneath the blacked-out pixels! Any help in rectifying this small problem will be greatly appreciated.



Posted by rockyriver on Feb. 01 2004,10:41 am
Did you do an all clear before the upgrade?
Try and download the upgrade again from Magellan themseleves, incase the one you got is corrupted.
Get an older firmware from the Yahoo groups and see if that fixes it if the above mentioned does not.
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Do a shearch on meridian in the groups there.

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