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Topic: Help for a newbie
started by: Nickc123

Posted by Nickc123 on Jan. 11 2004,3:16 am
Hi all from Australia,
I am new to all this so please understand I have the 16meg map 330 it just as it came out of the box. I have the down load lead to conect it to the computer.
I want to put in the victoria,Australia Maps but do not know where to start.
I do not want to pay the $190 Magelland want me to send to them. So if any one can tell me the best way to do this in simple terms.
I would be so great full.

Posted by Quinn on Jan. 12 2004,6:14 am
Nick...we used to have these maps as a download here but as a result with working along side Magellan for a while we were asked if we would stop placing them here which we did.

You might want to look into the Yahoo news group for the 330 and see if help is there. :)

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