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Topic: Magellan Meridian Route "Select Leg"
started by: ChrisD

Posted by ChrisD on Dec. 18 2003,7:48 pm
When I activate a route, a new menu item called "Select Leg" shows up. I have no clue what it does and I can't find any reference to it in the documentation.

Can someone fill me in?



Posted by robertlipe on Dec. 21 2003,2:26 am
A point-to-point route consists of a sequence of points that are connected via straight lines.   These lines are called "legs" in Magellan parlance.   So if you have a route with four points, it will have three legs.   The active leg is the one you are now navigating.

Normally, the unit will advance from leg to leg on its own.   However, if you do something to confuse it (like shortcut one of the interim points) you may need to manually activate the current leg so the unit will quit telling you to turn around and go back to the shortcut you took.

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