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started by: Angus_NB

Posted by Angus_NB on Nov. 30 2003,8:23 pm
I have a Meridian Gold.  When I turn it on all that comes up on the screen is:

I assume I will have to upload the basemap to the GPS but I cannot detect the GPS on my PC using either the MagUp utility or MapSend.

Is there a fix for this problem?

Posted by rockyriver on Dec. 01 2003,4:23 am
You will need a basemap.img file, the only way to get one is to have someone here email you one or Magellan themselves
install it for you. It is about 14 megs for the NorthAmerican
Land Basemap, and 15 megs for the North American Marine
Basemap. Here is a copy from the FAQ about Meridian's

32) Base Map Replacement (Gold/Marine/Platinum/Color)
There are currently two methods for base map replacement.
New firmware method:
Copy the basemap to an SD card, renaming the file to basemap.img
Insert the SD card into the GPS, activate the hidden menu, and enter code 86. (Read at end of this post for how to access to secret menu).
Original Manual method:
Here are the directions to replace your base map. Note that this involves ERASING you current base map. If the
existing base map is not erased, then you cannot change map types (for example, from a land to a marine). The
MagUp software was designed to prevent this type of upgrading. The MagUp software is available with the latest
firmware update package available from the Magellan web site.

(Accessing secret menu)
There are two ways to access the hidden menus:
§ If your Meridian is turned off, hold down GOTO and NAV and tap the PWR button. In a couple of
seconds you should see a box pop up with "00" inside of it. At this point, release GOTO and NAV. Use
the direction pad to change the "00" to the number of the menu that you want, and then press ENTER.
§ If your Meridian is already powered on, press the MENU button. Then press and release LEFT, RIGHT,
LEFT, RIGHT, and LEFT again. The secret menu box will pop up.

Posted by Angus_NB on Dec. 01 2003,4:44 pm
Thank you very much.

I loaded the latest firmware first using the secret menu method outlined in the FAQ.  I'm happy that I did.  After loading the firmware and starting the unit again I discovered that the basemap was already loaded  :D

I had searched for the North American base map all day without much luck.

Posted by PC Medic on Dec. 01 2003,4:57 pm
T the request of Magellan the basemaps are now available only through them, so finding it on the web (legally) would be difficult.

Glad everything worked out for you.   :thumbs-up

Posted by DustyJacket on Dec. 01 2003,7:17 pm
One thing that may be keeping your GPS from being recognized is if you haven't turned NMEA signaling OFF.
Posted by Angus_NB on Dec. 02 2003,7:51 pm
Once I had the firmware reloaded it would connect to my PC.

I did finally find a copy of the North American basemap too.

Posted by shadyone on Dec. 02 2003,8:09 pm
My meriplat has the same exact problem. But I was unable to locate a basemap. If someone has a copy they would email me I would greatly appreciate it. THANKS
Posted by PC Medic on Dec. 03 2003,8:29 am
Please do not make these types of requests in the forums.

The Magellan basemaps are not aavailable in the public domain and are copyrighted. Use of the forums to solicit or offer copies of copyrighted software/firmware is not permitted.

Posted by Angus_NB on Dec. 03 2003,6:22 pm
I understand your position on not allowing these requests on the board but I don't understand Magellan's / Thales' reasoning for disallowing the transfer of the basemap.

The only people that can make use of it are Magellan owners who have already payed for the use of the data.  It looks more like they want to force owners to pay for repair than preventing the transfer of copyrighted material.

My Meridian was purchased on Ebay without the SD memory or the original software and manual.  Do the units come with a copy of the basemap when bought new?

Posted by PC Medic on Dec. 03 2003,7:02 pm
The basemap for the area the unit was marketed for is loaded in the unit at purchase. Magellan's reasoning is probably due to the fact that unlike in the U.S. , map data for some countries is pretty costly. Just ask a user from the U.K. or Australia.

If you purchased the unit from Ebay and the basemap was not loaded, perhaps you should contact the seller.

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