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Topic: Disapointed in Mapsend Topo! Should I be?
started by: wchp

Posted by wchp on Nov. 28 2003,4:08 pm
I am new to the GPS world, but after a lot of online research I selected the Meridian Plat, over the Garmin units because of the better feature set and the ability to expand memory.
Also picked up the Mapsend Topo software and.... ugh!

I was expecting terain lines like I have on the 1:24000 USGS topo map I have. There is one 300' topo line for the entire 185 Acres of land I am on? Elevations range from 220' to 380' in the real world, but they just dont display in the mapsend software. Is there a different software package I should be using? Does the Garmin unit do a better job of this?

I am just a little let down on being able to use this as a mobile topo map!
Should I be?

Posted by DustyJacket on Nov. 28 2003,9:21 pm
I was disappointed as well, but the vertical profile has enough detail, if you use it.

I guess they cannot cram 20 foot, or even 20 meter, contour lines in a small display.  Although, I don'r think my area is displaying a 100 foot contour.

I use Topo as my only mapping product for my Meridian.  I have gotten used to it.

You can buy National Geographic Topo! and download from your GPS to it, or design a route on it, pint it, and upload the rout to your GPS.

You MUSt use Magellan MapSend products to send maps to a Magellan GPS.

I've not used a Garmin Topo map, but I can't believe they are any better.  (Small display, again.)

Posted by wchp on Nov. 29 2003,8:24 am
You can see my comparison of the two mapping applications as images here:
< >

Posted by Quinn on Nov. 29 2003,10:04 am
Yes...this is Magellans problem. They need to come up with much better software if they have hopes of moving forward with may of the line they place out.
Most people buy the added memory to use with the software they offer but if it sucks it sucks. :(

Posted by 4x4van on Jan. 20 2004,11:56 am
I know this response is a bit "after the fact" based on the date of your original post, but my Mapsend Topo has 20' contour lines.  However, you have to zoom in to see them (on both the PC and the GPSr).  Also, on the GPSr, it will depend on the detail level you have your map screen set at.  Go to your map screen, hit menu, then map setup, and adjust the detail level.  Hope this helps.

Overall, I'm happy with Mapsend Topo.  It doesn't, of course, have the detail of many topo maps available, since the entire United States is on only one CD, but it does give a good general view of the terrain around you.

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