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started by: Briskyknob

Posted by Briskyknob on Mar. 18 2003,1:50 pm
:) Thanks Guys for the quick reply, I just bought a Magellan, Meridian GPS. It has a 2MB built in Map what ever that is? Please explain! Also just from looking at my area on the gps that I live in, it doesn't show the road that I live on, which is a rural route. How do I update my gps to show my street and streams in my county? Can I down load this from or do I have to purchase this software. And do I also have to buy a bigger MB LIKE A 8,16,32,64, BOY!! I don't know anything...... anyway all or any info would be a blessing. Thanks All ???
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 18 2003,6:37 pm
Yes... the base maps that come with your gps do not really give a clear picture of the areas you may wish to see, thus the extra software that Magellan sells and offers.

You will need to buy additional memory to load these maps, but I am certain that 64 megs is more than enough to load what you would be interested in.

Make sure the memory you buy is "secure Digital" memory so that it fits your GPS.

Also it would be a good idea to visit Magellans website to make sure just what software they have that will go with your GPS unit.

You can clcik on your model on the site and it will show all the toys that work with it.  :)
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