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Topic: Sport Trak Pro Lawyer Screen
started by: JC Willette

Posted by JC Willette on Nov. 26 2003,8:52 pm
I just did the update to firmware 5.0 and all went well. When I tried to update the Lawyer Screen, things are not going good. When I hold the esc and the goto buttons and turn on the gps I get a Burn In Screen. I just can't seem to get by this hurdle. Any help (especially in an easy step by step) proceedure would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks for you help in advance.


Posted by Cracker7M on Nov. 27 2003,6:33 am
I think what is happenning is when you are pressing the ESC, GOTO and PWR buttons, you arent pressing them all down correctly.....I say this, because I think just holding down the ESC & PWR buttons should put you in the Burn In Test mode...

I know sometimes it is difficult to get all three button pushes registered by the unit...

Sometimes I have to press the button combos several times to get these hidden functions to work properly....

Try holding down the GOTO button, THEN the ESC button, then with both of those pushed, THEN puch the PWR button....

Sometimes it takes fiddling with the order/time delay of pressing these combos to get the correct function up...

Incidentally, what is it that you are trying to do, with these buttons?

Posted by JC Willette on Nov. 27 2003,8:36 am
I am trying to update my lawyer screen after the installation of version 5.00 firmware. I am instructed to use the expert mode to upload the personal hex code and to get it to upload it is asking for me to put the gps into the upload mode manually. Does this make sense?


Posted by Cracker7M on Nov. 29 2003,6:38 am

So, in case you havent already found out, to get the unit into software upload mode, with the unit powered off, press the following keys at the same time:


If you need to upload the Basemap as well, with the unit powered off, press:


A box with two "00" (zeros) will appear.
This is the hidden menu you may have heard people mention.

To get the unit into Basemap upload mode, using the up/down arrow keys, change the zeros to "98", then press enter.
Then use use the arrow keys to toggle up to "Basemap", then hit Enter.

You should get a message  "UPLOADING TO BASEMAP".

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