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Topic: Meridian Base Map backup?
started by: wchp

Posted by wchp on Nov. 25 2003,10:08 am
I know Magellan asked this site to take down the copy of the Meridian (16mb) base map. Is it possible to make your own backup in the event of accidental over write. I am new to this unit and have already accidentally discovered the "Burn In Test" which I still have not been able to determine what it's for.
Any way, Does anyone have or know where to find destructions on making a base map backup?

Does anyone know what the "Burn In Test" does and what harm it might cause?

Posted by Cracker7M on Nov. 27 2003,6:27 am
You dont really need to "make" a backup of it....You just need to get ahold of the .zip file, and save it on your computer.

I dont have the 16MB Meridian basemap, just the 2MB Merigreen base map, or I would send it to you....

You just need to find someone who has it saved on their computer, to send you the file.

As to the "Burn In Test".....I have no idea....

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