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Topic: My Sportrak Pro seems to be lost!!!
started by: cenobite07

Posted by cenobite07 on Sep. 30 2003,7:16 pm
I was out checking on one of my caches and had something truly strange happen.

My sportrak pro kept displaying wildly innacurate locations. Even with 5 or 6 full bar sat locks, it kept putting me 20 to over 100 miles away from my real location.

I turned it off and then back on repeatedly with the same results. I even changed the batteries.

Sometimes it would display the correct location briefly but then get lost again.

Anyone else ever have this problem?

Any suggestions on what to try?

I had planned to place a couple caches this weekend as well as catch up on finding some of the ones I've missed but I don't know if I can trust the GPSr... :(


Posted by TEAM 360 on Oct. 12 2003,3:17 pm
Still having problems with it?
Posted by cenobite07 on Oct. 12 2003,4:54 pm
No, it was just that one day.

It hasn't happened since.

Very weird. :O

Posted by Quinn on Oct. 12 2003,5:22 pm
Caron just had this same problem with her GPS (Garmin) in this area...wonder if it's the sats and not your GPS???
Posted by cenobite07 on Oct. 12 2003,5:37 pm
The signals were so bad that day i wondered if the sats had been turned off...

It must have been some freaky weather that whole day.

Caron's must have been working yesterday. She found my new one with Eldorado and it's not exactly easy....:rock:

Posted by Volvo Man on Nov. 24 2003,4:41 pm
Solar Storms?

Posted by welch on Nov. 24 2003,7:27 pm
Quote (Volvo Man @ Nov. 24 2003,5:41 pm)

Inaccurate almanac?
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