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Topic: Meridian GPS/Gold 2MB vs 16MB
started by: pdemers

Posted by pdemers on Aug. 25 2003,10:10 am
I've compared the Meridian GPS and Meridian Gold units.  The only difference I see is the 2MB vs 16MB internal mapping.  If I plan to upgrade the memory to 64MB to accommodate Mapsend software, does the 2 vs 16 issue become mute?

If not, what is the advantage of 2 vs 16 if the unit is upgraded to 64MB?


Posted by Cracker7M on Aug. 26 2003,5:31 pm
Think of the Magellans this way:

There are two types of memory in them.
One is for the "basemap". This is the map of the world that is in your unit. This usually only shows large cities as dots, state and country boundaries, and interstate hiways, and major hiways.

If you want more detailed maps for a certain area, say your county, that contain all the streets, Points of Interest (POIs), and maybe topo lines, you get these by uploading "region" or "detail" maps into your unit from the Mapsend software.

The set of memory for your basemap is either 2Mb (as in the Merigreens), 8Mb (as in the Sportrack Map), or 16Mb as in the rest of the Meridians.
Basically the size differences are due to the level of detail, or info, included in the basemap. A larger basemap will have more detail.
If you have detailed maps in your unit, they will overide the basemap from the 1.6mi zoom level and below.

Some people (me included), never really use any zoom level above 1.6mi, hence we dont need much detail in the basemap. That is one reason why I bought a Merigreen instead of a Gold.

The other memory is for the uploadable maps. The Merigreens have no internal memory for this, just the ability to use SD cards.
The Golds and other units have 8Mb or 16Mb internal, as well as the ability to use SD cards.

Thats basically the difference.


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