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started by: sledgehampster

Posted by sledgehampster on Aug. 20 2003,2:07 pm
I emailed Magellan and asked if MapSend DirectRoute will be compatible with the MAP 330 and this is the response I received.

No ..............this unit will not work with direct route.......
when the software is released we will have further details........please check our website often
Regards, John Valencia

Thales Navigation
960 Overland Court
San Dimas, California 91773
(800) 707-9971
(909) 394-5000

Posted by DustyJacket on Dec. 04 2003,5:16 pm
It doesn't work for my wife's meriGreen either. :angry:

It also only works for ONE gpsr - it senses and stores the serial number.

However, it is a really, really swell upgrade in map quality.  And then you get decent autorouting.

See my map comparison:
< >

Posted by robertlipe on Dec. 21 2003,2:22 am
In case it helps anyone, I've put a review of DirectRoute in my < Collection of tech articles >
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