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started by: Alf

Posted by Alf on June 05 2003,4:31 pm
Hello everybody.
I am a new member to this board and like to introduce myself quickly.
I had my 1st GPS about 10y ago, Garmin 100 for flying aroplanes. Still got it, but its only good for nothing. I also have a Etrex and a Magellan MAP330. I like this one very much, especialy the big display (I am over 50).
The big hassel I have is the accuracy of the time I get from the GPS (all three of them). The Garmin's show the same UTC (nearly so, 1-2 sec apart) but the Magellan is now 35 sec behind and I have no means to alter this.
Has anyone some expirience with this problem?
Thank you for your thoughts

Posted by Quinn on June 05 2003,7:05 pm
Thats a very interesting question. I have never even thought to check on this before.

I'll have to check it out and see if there is a difference between the Garmin and the Magellan that I have.

You would think that they should be very close for getting the same information from the same source.

I'll put my findings here once I have them in.

Posted by Markulous on June 27 2003,6:32 am
Those that have had this problem seem to have solved it with a re-initialisation
Posted by mexicanuck on July 21 2003,12:23 am
The same problem happened to me in late May or early June 2003.  My Merigreen became 3 minutes 44 seconds slow.  I changed batteries and initialized several times in two time zones with no success.  My emails to Magellan support went unanswered.

The other day I did a "clear all" of the memory.  The time is now running properly.

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