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Topic: MyMeridian with Platinum 4.06
started by: BOOKwood

Posted by BOOKwood on April 27 2003,10:52 am
Moin, moin..or: Hi folks,
i'm a new member of a Magellan Platinum. Today i had at first updated my firmware to 4.06. Then I try to change the personalized startup screen with MyMeridian.exe (5b). After editing the fields of messages by clicking the "Save Changes"- button the program still chrashed. The necessary changes to the ini file I did carefully before. But with the firmware 3.12 this process still works!! So now my question: What i'm doing wrong ?? Or is this both, 4.06 and 5b, not compatible ??
If anybody have a solution to this problem I will appreciate to hear something...
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