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started by: sledgehampster

Posted by sledgehampster on Mar. 12 2003,11:11 am
They reported a problem with Magellan units shutting down last weekend and I found this on the Yahoo Groups.


If your GPS is equipped with WAAS capability and appears to be cycling or shutting down every few minutes, we have found a logical explanation for this occurrence. Currently there is intermittent testing being done on the EGNOS satellite. EGNOS is the European equivalent of the U.S. WAAS error correction messages and our receivers are capable of receiving and using this satellite signal as it would the U.S. WAAS satellites. On the east coast (or even inland to about the Mississippi river, including in Canada) it is possible for the unit to "see" the EGNOS satellite. If the EGNOS satellite is the one being received and used for WAAS calculations, and this testing is underway, it can cause the units to cycle or
power down every 3 minutes and 40 seconds. If you have multiple units in operation at the same time in the same area, you would actually see them all exhibit this behavior at the same time.

We are currently working on a new version of software that can detect and ignore the EGNOS satellite signals when the tests are under way. There is nothing wrong with your unit or the current software in your unit. Once we have the new software available and tested we will post it on our website where you may download it and reprogram your unit. Please check our website often over the next week for the updated software. The version you will be looking for will be version higher than the following (the version here will be the last released version known to exhibit this problem):

Meridian, Meridian Gold, Meridian Marine, and Meridian Platinum - version 4.04

Meridian Color - version 4.02

SporTrak (basic) - version 1.10

SporTrak Map and SporTrak Pro - version 4.04

Map330 and Map330M - version 4.00

FX324 Color - version 1.16

If you require any assistance in upgrading the software once
released, please contact our technical support once you have
downloaded the software and are at your computer ready to reprogram the unit and they will get the upgrade started for you. Please contact them at telephone number 800-707-9971.

Posted by cenobite07 on Mar. 14 2003,8:01 am
Thanks for the news, I thought I was losing my mind!

I changed batteries three times on one hike Saturday since I thought they were defective somehow....

I guess I'll finally have to figure out how to upgrade the software in the Sportrak.
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