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Topic: New M330 - Best Screen to Find Cache
started by: mcharvey

Posted by mcharvey on Mar. 09 2003,4:26 pm
I recently upgraded from an Etrex to an M330.  Today I hunted a new cache with the M330 -- I started by using the tracking/navigation screen, then realized that was the wrong screen to be watching.  
Since I'm new to the GPS330, I wasn't sure which option I should be watching.  While watching all the options, someone else found the cache!
Are there any tips on what screen setup works best for finding a cache?
[The etrex had a small compass with an arrow  pointing towards the GOTO destination, and how many miles [or feet] until you got there.]
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 09 2003,6:20 pm
The 330 has the same screen. If you don't see this screen on the one you have, be sure to go to Magellans website and get the latest update for the unit you have, this should correct that and place the pointer on your GPS for you.

BTW...The 330 is a great gps and very accurate as well as receptive. It will by far beat any of the Etrex family when it comes to reception.

Good luck and welcome to the forums!
Posted by sledgehampster on Mar. 09 2003,8:57 pm
What Firmware and Basemap versions are you currently running?  To find out (with the unit on) press menu, scroll down to about and press enter. If you have 2.10 or newer, you have the latest OFFICIAL release. 4.0 is available but unless you are proficient in firmware upgrades it is not recommended. Could cause that very expensive paperweight syndrome!
Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 10 2003,4:50 am
If I remember correctly the 330 also has the ability to choose which screens you want to see in the setup menu.
Are you sure you have not turned off the compass screen?
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