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Topic: Downloading Firmware from MAP330
started by: sledgehampster

Posted by sledgehampster on Sep. 22 2002,6:08 pm
I have successfully downloaded the basemap from my MAP 330. NOW I want to backup the Firmware from my unit so that I can edit the Lawyer Screen with My Meridian.
Ver 2.10 is not yet available so I don't want to tamper with mine until I back it up. All help appreciated.
Posted by Cracker7M on Sep. 23 2002,12:29 pm
How did you get V2.10? I just updated to 2.09 from a post of yours I read not too long ago..........

Magellan hasnt even added 2.09 to their support page yet......

How often are they coming up with new versions?  :grinnin
Posted by sledgehampster on Sep. 24 2002,6:11 am
I recently bought 2 new MAP 330's and both have 2.10 in them. I am looking to personalize the lawyer screen's in them

Be Advised! Magellan changed suppliers of the unit with the release of 2.10. The older unit say "Made in Tawain" on the battery cover. The newer units do not. The look of 2.10 is different as well as the Default contrast setting being higher. I don't know if it will work on the "older" units. Can/will anyone confirm this?

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