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Topic: Prolong battery life
started by: tracker

Posted by tracker on Feb. 03 2003,1:12 am
I'm a couple days old chick user of M 330. Experience from mobile phones learned that you can extend battery life by improving the radio reception protocols.

I was wondering if the same thing can be done with M 330. The claimed 10 hours is rarely a reality. It's not quite comfortable to switch batts like 3 times a day. Screws gonna suffer from that..  Can you guys from Thales invent a new receiver protocols to prolong batt life ?

Posted by PC Medic on Feb. 03 2003,4:53 am
What type/brand batteries are you using?
Posted by tracker on Feb. 03 2003,7:56 pm
I'm residing in Asia, using local Alcalines, so brand shouldn;t matter. We have Duracells and Panasonic as well. I may give them a try.

But since I am a new user, I'm fiddling with the screens quite a lot, switch it on and off (keep searching the sats again)  I wonder if this 'habit' will take extra battery comsumption, as using the logic from PC and mob. phones, during startup / initialize more power are needed to do the 'search' and 'initialize' the hrddisk, memory, protocols etc.  

Is M 330 doing teh same thing ???
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