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Topic: Can't append waypoints
started by: tracker

Posted by tracker on Feb. 08 2003,1:22 am

I'm trying to append waypoints from Garmin .wpt text file into my .wpt (M330).  The format looks the same, just the order numbers that needs adjustment. I used OziExplorer to dump the file.

In the middle of the the transfer, the proces stopped. what went wrong here ?? :0o
Posted by sledgehampster on Feb. 08 2003,6:18 am
Have you tried GPS Babel to do this?
Posted by tracker on Feb. 09 2003,7:34 am
I have fixed that with GPS Utility. You can highlight only waypoints you need and dump it to your GPSR.

The problem came from the Garmin format that puts too much info (they are considered as just 'comments' by Mag). Corect me if I'm wrong..

R 500

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