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started by: lighthouserocket

Posted by lighthouserocket on June 23 2002,5:40 pm
is it just me or are the hands holding the meridian's on's link to magellan.. a little large..  the pic with the mountains in particular.. did they just tac those finger tips on..?.. the hand looks a little skewed....  this would be of course to their advantage.. by making the meridian look smaller than it actually is..   :grinnin
Posted by Quinn on June 23 2002,10:28 pm
After looking at it a bit closer it would seem to me that the hand you see and view is the EXACT hand and position as many of the Coor's ™ beer commercials.  :grinnin

they just removed the can and placed a GPS there!  ;)
Posted by lighthouserocket on June 24 2002,5:09 pm
ahh.. yes.. very perceptive of you..  :rotflmao
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