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Topic: power failure while downloading
started by: mph46

Posted by mph46 on April 23 2003,12:08 pm
While downloading SportrackPro NA Software V4.04 & NA Basemap V1.05 I got a power failure on my computer and Sportrak Pro.
GPS starts up now with message "Unit Currently contains no map!  Initiating map upload"
but nothing happens!

Help please
Posted by Quinn on April 23 2003,2:16 pm
hold down the "ESC" and "GOTO" keys at the same time while turning the power on, this should bring you into the "UPLOAD MODE".

Make sure you have the latest firmware downloaded and unzipped from the Magellan website for your unit.

Once you have the latest firmware downloaded, click on "Magup" in the folder you unzipped it to.

A popup box will apear asking you if you want to "Proceed with upload"...choose "NO"

That box will then go away and you will still be in "Magup"...

Go to the top and click on "EXPERT"

while in 'EXPERT" choose your unit model from the list provided and also be sure to click "ON" for "EXPERT UPLOAD"...

Now at the top click on "UPLOAD"...

another box will pop up letting you know you are in expert mode...

click okay...

In the next pop up box click "PROGRAM CODE"...

Then choose "Upload file" from the next box, and make sure your firmware is showing in the field, this should then start loading your version.

Let us know if this works for you.
Posted by mph46 on April 25 2003,5:36 am
Thanks Quinn
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