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started by: rkrzyston

Posted by rkrzyston on Nov. 25 2002,10:08 pm
OK.. I downloaded several waypointds for caches from the web to EasyGPS then to my GPSR.  What I would like to do is to look at the coordinates of one ofthe waypoints - say WPT001.  Is there a way to do that once the waypoint is on the GPRS :withstupid
Posted by Grouchy on Nov. 26 2002,6:26 am
I don't have the SportTrack but if you read page 27 & 28 of the Manual that came on the CD, I think you could probably figure it out.  If you have the SportTrack Map or Pro you will need to read page 40.  It will be the same thing as "edit a waypoint".  Try to edit one and the coordinates will be displayed, you can also change its icon or name and add a description.  I don't mean to be rude but like I said, I do not have the SportTrack but I did check the manuals on line.

Posted by skramblr on Nov. 26 2002,8:29 am
I have the Meridian (similar) and to get all the details you press Menu - Database - User - then select it from the list.
Posted by rkrzyston on Nov. 26 2002,8:45 am
thanks skramblr.. that was it!
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