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Topic: Well, I found reason for Sportrak V3.03
started by: Cracker7M

Posted by Cracker7M on Nov. 22 2002,9:58 am
Looks like Sportrak Map & Pro V3.03 fixes "Language Menu corruption"

Well, I found out the hard way what it fixes.
If you go to the Language menu in your Map or Pro, and scroll to the bottom of the list, make sure you hit the down arrow one more time so that the highlited item goes back up to English, before hitting enter.

Basically, if you scroll past the bottom of the list, you will see that no language in the list is highlighted. DO NOT HIT THE ENTER KEY IF THERE IS NOT A LANGUAGE HIGHLIGHTED.
This will KILL your unit, and it WILL have to be sent back to Magellan under an RMA, and you WILL have to wait just over a week to get it back.

I sent mine out at 2:30 PM on a Thurs. USPS Priority. Magellan received it in OK City, OK and had it shipped out UPS Ground on the following Monday. (the return shipping is free).
I'm supposed to get it back this Fri.

They had no problem initiating an RMA once I explained what a stupid thing I did, and have been nothing but excellent in their service.

At least I dont feel TOO bad.....There must be many more people out there that have done the same thing, for them to post a new firmware patch just for that ONE item...  :grinnin
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