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Topic: How do I check map sizes, delete them?
started by: Hinge Thunder

Posted by Hinge Thunder on Aug. 14 2002,2:50 pm
I have a Map 330. I recently went to Buffalo, and found that I was lacking street level maps, and was forced to rely on the Basemap to get around. I got unit with topo, and street maps for the area already loaded on. How do I tell what the range of the maps are. How do I tell how mauch space they are taking up. How do I delete them, so I can load fresh maps on for a different/wider area? I couldn't find it in the manual. I did an init, but it didn't wipe the maps.
Posted by phantom4099 on Aug. 15 2002,3:39 am
The area that you have downloaded will be surronded by a rectangle (you may have to zoom way out to see it depending on how much you have downloaded). Also on mapsend there is an estmated area calculation that says how much mem you might use, also contains how much is free. On the unit hit the menu button then scroll up once, or till you get to "about" and hit enter, it will contain some important info. When you download a new map to the unit the old map will be deleted entirely (excluding the basemap).

Wyatt W.
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