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started by: catweazle2701

Posted by catweazle2701 on July 03 2002,1:12 am
Hi there !

Does anyone know if the Meridian basemaps can be uploaded to the SporTrakPro ? I recently purchased a European model with Euro basemap. Since I have to travel on a fairly regular basis to the US I would like to have the option to exchange the EURO basemap against the US counterpart.

Any clue ?


br -CAT-[B]
Posted by catweazle2701 on July 04 2002,6:31 am
I managed yesterday to download the european basemap from my SporTrakPro. If anyone is interested in getting a copy of it .... just let me know.
Anyone managed to download the basemap of the US version ?
Posted by bsh on Aug. 22 2002,6:20 am
YES ! SporTrack PRO can be uploaded with basemap from Meridian. Even though it is 14Mb i works fine.  Done it myself.
You'll find the files in this forum.

Good luck.
Posted by GeoRockers on Aug. 25 2002,10:48 pm
A Sportrak basemap directory now exists < here >!.

Posted by seabecker on Sep. 20 2002,6:10 pm
I loaded the NA Land Meridian Basemap into a Sportrak Pro.  It seems to work OK, except my map screen now always shows the hourglass cursor.   Ideas??
Posted by Cracker7M on Sep. 20 2002,6:42 pm
I thought (at least on a Mag 330), that the hourglass was only there while the GPS was waiting to get good reception on enough sattelites to get current position.....??

If thats the case, I dont see how it would matter which map you have....... ??
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