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Topic: SporTrak Pro Version 3.02 update!
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on May 24 2002,6:09 am
You won't find this on the Magellan website yet, but for those of you that may be interested you can go here < Spor >

to download the latest version of software (Version 3.02) for the SporTrak Pro unit.

Before uploading V3.02 software into your unit, check the software version (shown on the bottom of the
start-up screen). If you have V3.02 or a higher revision number in your unit, you do not need to load

Upon completion of the software upload, it is important to clear memory as described herein to ensure
that full unit functionality is maintained.

Software Enhancements/Fixes in Version 3.02 software:

1. Add the Speedometer and Strip Compass navigation screens.
2. Fixed a bug with manual setup of daylight savings time.
3. Correct receiver bars on the Sat Status screen for tracked satellites.

This software was provided by a kind source that I am not sure wishes to be known, but if so, please step up and take a pat on the back for all the help! ;)

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