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Topic: Defect in the Meridian Gold?
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Mar. 28 2002,7:38 pm
I had just a few days ago sent PC_Medic a Meridian gold that was brand new, when he opened it and was trying to place the added memory card into the slot it's slot located inside the battery compartment he noticed that there was a yellow wite that was blocking the card from being able to be placed. After looking closer he realized that the wire did not belong where it was an d that it most likely was a defect in the unit or a poor design flaw when the unit was made. He returned it to the retailer who quickly exchanged the unit for another of the same model.
I let this go as a one in a thousand freak happening, then yesterday in the news group I saw a post asking if anyone has had problems with not being able to get a memory card into it's slot on the Meridian Gold. One fellow even went as far as to say he took his apart instead of returning it and just re-routed the wire that was blocking the slot.. Since this I have seen 4 more reports of the same problem. If you are a meridian owner you may wish to take a closer look at the memory slot on your meridian before the warranty runs out. If you do see this problem make sure you contact Magellan before you go taking it apart to do your own fix.
Posted by ChrisD on Mar. 29 2002,8:02 am
Can you see the wire by just taking out the batteries?  I have the Marine, so I wonder if this is across multiple products or just confined to a production run on the Gold.

If this is a problem, I hope that Thales 'fesses up and maybe even posts a serial number range so folks can quickly ID a problem unit without taking it apart!

Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 29 2002,2:58 pm
In the case of my "Gold", removinfg the batteries and shining a flashlight in the card slot allowed me to just barely see a yellow wire.
By the way, My understanding is that Magellan has promptly replaced the unit that someone in another forum had called them about. Appeared from his post they were aware of the problem and did not hesitate to make good.
Posted by muddy_shoes on Mar. 29 2002,4:30 pm
It's not unusual to find jumpers on circuit boards, especially on brand new products that may not have all of the manufacturing bugs worked out.  Obviously, the wire blocking the card slot is inexcusable.  In the case of a handheld device which is going to get lots of abuse, I'd worry about a jumper because of the possibility of fatigue causing the solder joint to fail, and the jumper breaking off months or years down the road (post warranty).   I think I'll look inside mine!

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Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 29 2002,5:25 pm
I actually have another unit here Standard Meridian.

While waiting for my replacement gold unit to arrive my curiosity got me and I did just that. Taking the cover off my Meridian the only wires in the unit are the 4 that lead to the contacts on the back of the case for the data cable. One of these is in fact a yellow wire. Looking at the docking bay for the memory card, it is easy to see how if one were not careful when seating the back cover, any one of these wires could end up in the inside the bay and block access for the memory card. It is a safe bet that is what happened on the unit I returned (though I guess I will never know for sure now).

I am guessing a new employee not paying attention on the line one day resulted in some units getting into the channels like this. Just my guess though.
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