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Topic: Garmin has Geocaching Icons! Where's ours?
started by: sledgehampster

Posted by sledgehampster on Sep. 29 2002,11:34 am
Garmin now has Geocaching Icons!
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Lets start an email campaign to Magellan to try to get some as well.
I think it would be wonderful!
Here is the link:
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Posted by skramblr on Nov. 26 2002,8:45 am
FYI - this has been done by a guy from the UK. He has created a program called Meridicon. It allows you to edit the icons and he even provides some geocaching icons (tresure chest open and closed).

You can find the program in the files section of - Magellan_Meridian
Posted by sledgehampster on Nov. 30 2002,11:37 am
Posted by sledgehampster on July 21 2003,9:31 am
Now that Magellan has sponsored this
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maybe it is time to renew our campaign to get Geocaching Icons. Garmin has em!!!

Posted by Cracker7M on July 25 2003,5:43 am
You should really try MeridIcon....

I made an open and closed treasure chest for caches found/not found, icons for benchmarks not attempted yet, found, not found, destroyed, and icons for trailheads and parking. I'll make more if I ever find a use for more custom icons.

The only problem is, Mapsend and EasyGPS display and call them as the original icons they replaced.

Posted by 4x4van on Sep. 09 2003,2:41 pm
Sorry to ask, but how the heck does Meridicon work?  I'm just slightly above computer-illiterate, but I was able to modify my "lawyer" screen using MyMeridian without any problems.  Many thanks for the info provided here to do that.

But I can't seem to figure Meridicon out.  The icons that show up are "gobble-d-goop", for lack of a better term.  I tried MagIconFinder and the default icon shows up, but how do I switch to any other icons?  And does that work "with" Meridicon, or "instead of" Meridicon?

Anyone willing to give step-by-step for this process?  I'm running a SportTrak Pro with firmware 4.06. :withstupid

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