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Topic: Sportrak Basemaps
started by: sledgehampster

Posted by sledgehampster on July 25 2002,3:52 pm
The SporTrak Basemaps WILL work in áthe MAP330. They can be found at:
< >

Posted by GeoRockers on Aug. 25 2002,11:00 pm
The link is no longer functional... :(

The basemap is now availiable < here >.

Posted by Nick on Oct. 25 2002,3:56 am
Can anyone help as to where I can get the Australian basemap for the Sport Trak Map.  It should only be a 1.5 - 2mb file.  The meridian is just too large to down load into the memory I think?

Posted by sledgehampster on Oct. 25 2002,10:53 am
Try here:
< >
Posted by Nick on Oct. 26 2002,7:43 pm
Yes, I tried installing the Aus map but my unit kind of crapped itself, locked up and now when it turns on it says no base map loaded and on top of this, it now does not recognise the serial port so I can't re install the original base map.  Can you help with this??

Nick :(
Posted by Quinn on Oct. 26 2002,9:06 pm
Okay...try this...

First download the < SPORTRAK PRO SOFTWARE UPDATE FROM MAGELLAN > And save it to a folder you can get at.

2- Unzip the download and get to the "Magup" icon within that folder.

3- turn on your gps while it is hooked up to the data cable while holding down the GLOBE and OPEN BOOK icons on the unit at the same time.

This will place your unit in a "software upload mode" and should say that on the display. If it doesnt, turn the unit off and try again.

4- go to the "Magup" in the software that you got from magellans site and click on it. A box will open up asking if you want to automaticly upload the latest version of software and data base...CHOOSE NO!!.

5-At the top of the firmware loader box click on expert...choose your unit 1 and make sure that expert upload is turned on.

6- now go back to the top and click on "Upload"...a reminder box will pop up so just click ok.

Once you do that another box "select upload type " will open...choose program code and basemap option.

when you do this another box will pop up, just point it to the folder you have that magellan file you downloaded and it should start fixing your GPSR with your correct version.

Let me know if this works!
Posted by Nick on Nov. 10 2002,3:30 pm
Thanks for the guidance but actually I was finally able to upload the base map through Menu item 98, manually selecting the upload of the base map on the unit as it would not accept anything while in Software Upload mode.  I don't why unless the memory developed some sort of lock out.  At the end of the day it worked and the unit is functioning but I'm still looking for the aus base map.

Posted by sledgehampster on Nov. 12 2002,10:54 am
V3.03 software update for your Magellan« SporTrak Map and SporTrak Pro now available on Thales/Magellan website.

< > :D

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