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Topic: Magellan 310 kaputt
started by: tracker

Posted by tracker on Feb. 09 2003,7:31 am

A friend of mine has a non-working M 310. Satellite status shows some activity but it's not updating current location (if it's brought to movement).

Can this be fixed by dumping / overwriting the software witjh the latest one ?

Posted by PC Medic on Feb. 09 2003,7:29 pm
reflashing the unit may in fact fix the problem.
In any case, I certainly do not see where it would hurt to try at this point.
Posted by tracker on Feb. 09 2003,10:43 pm
Hi Medic,

I havent; been able to find software update for M 310.
Can I use magup.exe and dump software for M 330 into M 310 ?

Posted by bond 007 on Mar. 22 2003,11:21 pm
Magellans website should have it.. :withstupid

Posted by dave and jaime on April 28 2003,9:49 am
the 310 offers nmea interface only, no easy way to upload new firmware without disassembling the unit. :0o
Posted by Quinn on April 29 2003,4:41 am you use the 310 yourself?
Posted by dave and jaime on April 29 2003,2:22 pm
nope, i actually own a 315, but have access to lots others in the gis lab.
Posted by bond 007 on May 12 2003,6:38 pm
try doing a memory clear  like a reset.

Lee :withstupid
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