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started by: daling43

Posted by daling43 on Dec. 02 2002,1:59 pm
Anyone have experience loading SD memory directly?  I just got a meridian (basic) and stuffed in a 128 but the mapsend software for the 330 (it's what came with it) won't let me load anything NEAR the chip capacity.  I think that with 128 I should be able to load about the entire western 1/2 of the US but the software chokes at 64.  What format is the map memory?  Can I use a reader (like for my digicamera) and load directly?
Posted by BajaTaco on Jan. 01 2003,4:05 pm
Go to the Yahoo Group for the Meridian at:

< >

You will need to register to access the group. There, you will find a Meridian FAQ file in the "files" directory. It is a .pdf file which will require Adobe Acrobat to read it.

Within this FAQ document, you will find instructions on how to load large regions onto your SD card for use with the Meridian. There are also lots of other helpful instructions in this document.

I just loaded full detail maps from MapSend Topo for So-Cal, UT, AZ & NM using almost 85mb of space on a 128mb card. There is still plenty of room to spare!  :oo:
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