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Topic: NA_B101.Img Anyone?
started by: TakeTheActive

Posted by TakeTheActive on April 11 2002,8:31 pm
Now that Yahoo Group M330 is back up, and my new Map 330 is finally working, I'm preparing to load it up with data.

I found this thread on M330 talking about replacing the standard 8MB 330 NA base map with a 2 MB Meridian NA base map, to buy yourself 6MB more space for your MapSendStreets data.  Have any 330 owners here done this?  Are all Meridian utilities and data (but not firmware) compatible with the Map 330?  I ask this because I read the message about magup107.exe (included with Map 330 firmware Version 2.08) not being compatible with MyMeridian and the need to d/l magup113.exe (which I just grabbed from Meridian firmware Version 3.08)

I'm also interested in tips from "been there / done that" folks about loading multiple detailed areas from the MapSendStreets CD into the 330.  If the detailed areas that I want aren't perfect rectangles, am I better off building 2 or 3 detailed maps, eliminating the area(s) I'm not interested in, or just go and build the 1 big one?
Posted by Harrkev on April 12 2002,7:32 am
I do know that people have put the 8MB 330 European base map in their meridian, and it worked.

I have even heard of one person who accidentally ran the program to upgrade the 330 firmware on their meridian.  IT WORKED.  His meridian then acted just like a 330 the screen display was narrower, and he lost use of the SD card.  Restoring Meridian firmware fixed things right up.

So, I suspect that what you propose just might work.  I can't see how it would hurt to try.

Note that you might have to make changes to your MapSend .ini file to allow it to send larger chunks of data.  Just get the MapSend update from the Magellan site.
Posted by markkall1 on May 13 2002,8:58 am
I personally came up with the idea of loading in a small basemap with the hope of gaining for more for detail maps. Once someone provided me the small Meridian basemap file, I loaded into my 330. That left me with approx 14 mb of free memory for detail maps. What a difference that made in what you could store. Mnay other users followed me once this procedure worked. Once you have 14 mb of space, you can usually get away with using one large rectangle to cover the areas you want. But if necessary, certainly do use separate rectangles.
Posted by Hinge Thunder on May 13 2002,9:55 am
If the basemap for the 330 is 8meg, and the basemap for the meridian is 2meg, Are your losing stuff? What are you losing?
Posted by Meadowlark on May 23 2002,8:00 pm
Quote (Hinge Thunder @ May 13 2002,11:55 am)
If the basemap for the 330 is 8meg, and the basemap for the meridian is 2meg, Are your losing stuff? What are you losing?

Regarding loading the Meridian base map; I removed my basic 330 map, loaded the Meridian 2meg map and there was some difference in detail, but the major thoroughfares etc., were still present.  That did leave me with 14meg to load detailed maps and as an example I was able, using MapSend Streets to load the entire State of Kansas (12,546kb) and still have 10 percent available for other small maps.
Posted by bond 007 on June 28 2002,10:28 pm
Hello  :wave

Yes it can be done had all of utah in it 13meg changed it
back to 8meg basemap when I got the meridian green.

LEE  :rotflmao
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