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Topic: Meridian: Things I Don't Like
started by: mexicanuck

Posted by mexicanuck on Mar. 30 2002,5:20 pm
I was previously using a borrowed eTrex and recently purchased a Meridian Green.  There's a few features in the Meridian that I would like to see and I'm interested if others agree.  I think these could be firmware changes.

Power Button
First is the power button.  I've only had my Meridian for a week, but already I've had it turn off a couple of times.  I'm convinced that I somehow touch the power button, don't hear the beep, so I don't cancel the power-off, and then lose power.

It seems to me that most people would prefer a power off system that requires pressing a button to confirm turning the power off, rather than the current system that requires pressing a button to avoid having the power go off.

Average Speed
The eTrex had a display for current speed and a display for average speed.  I liked that.  When I'm running, I like to know what my average speed is while running, not having to do mental calculations or waiting until the end to determine my average speed.

Elapsed Time
The eTrex could provide an elapsed time display for a trip.  I like that idea.

I like the idea of the ETA function, but I find it minimally useful.  The ETA is based on current speed.  I think it would be more useful if ETA could be based on average speed during the trip.

My speed during a trip can vary considerably, so my current speed is rarely a good estimate of my actual ETA.  For example, driving home during rush hour, I may be stationary for 30 seconds, then travel at 30 km/hr., then stationary, then travel at 70 km/hr.  The ETA display never provides me with useful information in this circumstance.  If, however, it could provide me with ETA based on my average speed, my ETA would vary less and likely be a better estimate.

Anyone have comments on these ideas?
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 30 2002,6:02 pm
I agree with you about the power button on the meridian line, it is so easy to accidently push it and not even know it. I think a good idea would have been to build the case wall up around the power button making it much tougher to just bump and shut down. Having it recessed into the case would require a direct push in order to power the unit.
Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 30 2002,6:58 pm
I also agree on the issue with the power button.
To me the easiest fix for this (probably could be done in a firmware update), would be to require a double press to turn it off. Basically the reverse of the current setup where the screen could instead prompt you to press Power again to confirm power off.

The other thing I would like to see is a damn lanyard ring. :^:
Posted by barrington on Mar. 30 2002,8:12 pm
I also agree on that damned power button!  That's the main reason I use the MAP 330 more often than the Meridian Gold; I like to slip the GPS into a pocket or pouch on the trail, and finding it turned off when I want to check my heading is more than annoying.  for a while I had a rubber o-ring around the button, held with double sided tape, and that worked but didn't stay put with handling.  I've been reluctant to deface the unit by gluing it on permanently.  

A while back I sent an e-mail to Magellan suggesting the two-button firmware approach, but never got a reply.  Maybe more e-mails from a lot of users would get their attention.

Posted by sziegler on May 09 2002,12:06 pm
Ditto on the Power Button...I think a firmware upgrade that would require you to hold the button in for a couple of seconds and then confirm the power down (as do some Garmin models) would be a fairly easy fix...

V3.12 did add the EPE function, which I really like...
Posted by OverTheRiver on May 09 2002,2:02 pm
I suspect the reason they haven't done anything re: the power off problem is that the power key is also used to adjust the backlight intensity. Certainly you can conceive of a state map that would allow both 'off confirmation' and backlight adjustment, but they may be afraid that people will be confused by the added complexity.

Thus I think the current use of the PWR key for backlight control prevents any  change in the interface to use 'extended hold down' in a more robust power-off sequence.

Having said that, though, I do think a simple change from the default of 'hit escape or I'm gonna power down' to 'hit PWR again to confirm your desire to turn this thing off' would go a long way toward preventing accidental powering down, and wouldn't conflict with the backlight control functions.

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