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Topic: Europe Basemap for SporTrack Map 2Mb
started by: SporTrackSpain

Posted by SporTrackSpain on Dec. 19 2002,11:48 am
Hello there,

I bought a SporTrack Map receiver in the US and I need to use it now in Europe.

Has anyone got or know where to get the Europe Basemap for the Sportrack Map receiver (which comes with a 2Mb basemap)??

The other day, I managed to download the NA_B101.IMG North America (2Mb) basemap from my unit, so if anybody is interested on it, just let me know.

Any help would be apreciated.

Thanks a lot.


Posted by yosoyjanuel on July 02 2003,12:53 am
I have the same problem as you had.
Did you changed the NorthAmerican Basemap?
How did you do that?
Where can I find the Euro Basemap?
Where can I find the instructions?

Thank you,

Posted by Quinn on July 02 2003,4:21 am
At the request of magellan (Thales) we here at the Navicache site no longer have basemaps for download. Just keeping the friendly relationship betwen them and us.  :)
Posted by hvgbest on June 18 2004,5:53 am
How did you manage to download the basemap?
I have the European version, but its basemap is not 2MB, it is 11 MB.
I am also using MapSend Worldwide Basemap, incl. topographic info. You could use that one.
Also using MapSend Europe Streets, very detailed.

Posted by welch on June 18 2004,10:51 pm
Ok, from time to time I see people talk about changing the base map... Is that possiable?
I was under the impressiion your stuck with whatever it factory loaded. Or is that just a garmin thing? ???

Posted by hvgbest on June 18 2004,11:17 pm
As far as I know, you can only change the "primary" basemap by using the same software as for upgrading firmware.
Uploading a secondary, alternative basemap is easy, but resides in your available memory.
Detailmaps can be loaded as well and also reside in that memory.


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