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Topic: Merigreen sat status screen
started by: bond 007

Posted by bond 007 on July 21 2002,9:36 pm
While using it saturday it went goofy sat screen shows
no sats need help áplease!!!! ?.
Lee :(
Posted by bishopwae on Sep. 03 2002,11:11 am
I've had a similar problem with my Merigreen.  I didn't lose the sats but the readings were up and down.  The only way I found to fix it was to shut down the GPSr and power back up to get a new fix.

I haven't had the problem late and actually my positional error has gone down to between 7-10 feet.
Posted by Quinn on Sep. 03 2002,1:39 pm
This prblem seems to happen with many types and models of GPSR's from time to time, I think several things can cause this but I doubt that it is a mechanical error on the GPSR side. As long as it goes back to normal I would say it was most likely a minor fade or location problem.
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