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Topic: Button layout and Performance?
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on May 10 2002,6:06 pm
It has been posted and asked in a couple of the forums as to what people would like to see as far as the button layouts on the Magellan GPSR hand hed units.
Some people have complained that they wished the On/Off button (Power) had a recess to it so that it could not be shut off accidently if placed in a pocket or bumped.
Magellan is also in knowing people's opinions and wants basd on this topic.
What is it you would like to see added and or changed?
Posted by jwhite on May 12 2002,9:33 pm
A recessed button would be nice, but is not always necessary.  There are software solutions to the problem.  A simple keyboard lock as seen on many cell phones would do the trick.  There are other solutions that could also work.  For future Magellan GPS, a recessed button along with the software solution would be nice.  

Posted by markkall1 on May 13 2002,8:46 am
For power off, why not just change the software so that you press power off once, an ARE YOU SURE screen comes up telling you to press power again to confirm. This would prevent accidental power off's. If the button doesn't get confirmed in 2-3 seconds, the unit stays on.

But while we're on the subject of buttons, I've always wondered when the day is going to come that the buttons become intermittent like on TV remote controls that get used a lot. I'd sure hate to have to send in the GPSR for a $65 repair just to get some button to work again.
Posted by ChrisD on May 13 2002,12:07 pm
I'd like the ENTER key "east" instead of "northeast".  As with a keyboard, I find myself going "right" to confirm and all I do is bring up the menu again!  For me, "over and up" is where the backspace key is!  They did put the "esc" key in the right place!

Posted by Atilla the Pun on May 13 2002,3:20 pm
I know what you mean, I've done that so many times while being distracted (driving, kids, etc) and then wondered why my 330 didn't do what I wanted?!?!?  But I've pretty much retrained my fingers so that they hardley ever do that anymore.

I agree with that on the power on/off.  I mean I have to do 3 button presses to turn the unit on, what's two more to turn it off?

Posted by Atilla the Pun on May 21 2002,12:15 am
I would like to see an average speed for each leg of a track.  This would be nice for inline skating and bicycling.  Of course I'd like it to not count speeds under, oh, say .5mph, you know the averaging kickin speed.

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