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Topic: Help-my sportrack pro shuts off!
started by: fdlsail

Posted by fdlsail on Oct. 23 2002,8:28 am
I bought a Sportrack Pro about a month ago and right away noticed that if the backlight was on and I panned the basemap in any direction the unit shut off. I replaced the batteries and the problem continued. Since then I have noticed that panning the basemap without the backlight on will occasionally shut the unit down and occasionally it will just shut off by itself. I assume that this is a power problem but I don't know what to do other than to change the batteries. I uploaded the latest version of the firmware and it didn't help. I called Magellan and they want me to send the unit in. Has anyone else experienced this problem? What did you do to correct it? I'd rather not send my unit in to Magellan if it's something that I can do.

Thanks for any advice you can give. This is my first GPS.
Posted by Quinn on Oct. 23 2002,12:06 pm
FDLSAIL... welcome to the forums!

I have tested what you just mentioned above and have not found any operation problems doing this with my Pro. I would have told you to reload the update version but I see you have already done this without much help.

I will see if I can find out any info from others as to having this problem and what the correction was. If for some reason however you need to send this in to Magellan I can assure you they have very fast turn around time. I have sent units to them in the past and they have always put a priority on keeping the user happy as far as I am concerned.

Most the time they don't even repair the unit, they just send a new one out.

But lets see if any other answers roll in the meantime.
Posted by fdlsail on Oct. 29 2002,8:15 am

Thanks for your response. I called Magellan support and they suggested I send my SporTrack Pro back. I then called the repair number that support gave me and they were very helpful. I sent the unit back today and expect a new one next week. I should get a new one because I had it less than 30 days before it started having problems. They told me that when they recieve it, it will take from 2 to 5 days to process.

Thanks again,
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