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started by: mmmbacon

Posted by mmmbacon on Oct. 09 2008,3:40 pm
Having just discovered Geocaching, I started looking around to see if anyone I knew had a GPS that I could borrow until I decide/research which unit I want to buy.  Well a good friend of mind has a Magellan Sport Trak Pro. He said I could have it if I could get it fixed.  So here’s my question, I need to find out if its problems would incur too much to get it fixed and should I just apply that money towards a new unit. Thanks in advance!

Here are the problems:  The battery tray has the top broken off one side of the tray, this allows only one battery to fit into the tray.  The point at which the battery tray screws into the case is stripped and there is a hairline fracture in the case beginning from the edge of the battery tray, travelling to the first screw on the bottom left of the case.  The unit powers on and then immediately says “Extreme Low Power. Shutting Down” and shuts off.  On a RARE occasion I have gotten the device to boot, it gets the screen that says hit enter to accept.  I press enter and it goes to the screen with the compass band across the bottom and I cant do anything from that point on.  Which may indicate to me that there is something more than a battery issue.   Anyway, thanks for listening and am looking forward to your suggestions.

Posted by PC Medic on Oct. 10 2008,4:02 am
My personal opinion would be that it would not be worth fixing. The money would be better spent towards the purchase of a new or at least 'working' good used unit.
Posted by mmmbacon on Oct. 10 2008,7:52 am
Thanks so much for your quick response. Thats kinna what i was thinking also.  Oh well, it was worth a try. Thanks again!
Posted by idratherbeinthewoods on Jan. 02 2009,10:50 pm
I also have a Maggy Sport Trak. I've used it faithfully for over 4 years. The battery pack is easy to replace. Check out Ebay for a trashed unit, or contact Magellan for a replacement.
If nothing else, contact me about helping you discard yours. I'll take it!

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