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started by: Bob 14

Posted by Bob 14 on June 10 2007,6:25 am
Can anyone tell me how I can acquire a new base map for my Magellan map 330m. It came up with the following message, unit contains no map, initiating map upload. I had emailed Magellan and they responded that the unit is no longer serviceable and that my only option was to trade it in for a fee.

Posted by Crumb Trail Enigma on Aug. 31 2007,7:07 am
Go to E-bay and search under Magellan Mapsource. a version for the 330 also works with the meridian and sportrak units.

Best yet find a used sportrak that has the map CD with it. These are often had for about $50.

Posted by sledgehampster on Dec. 16 2007,7:45 am
MapSource is a Garmin only product. MapSend is the magellan software. It, however, does not provide a basebap. The< small US Basemap > is available if you register at the < Yahoo m330 Group >. It is the one titled Hope this helps!

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