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Posted by sapper on Sep. 19 2006,7:17 am
This past summer I was replacing the batteries in my GPS.  when I turned it back on it would boot to the "press Enter" key, and upon pressing "Enter" would go no further.  The back lighting is also dimmed from the start of boot up.  I've been unable to find how to correct this or reset the unit.

Any suggestions?

Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 19 2006,4:23 pm
I am going yo guess you have already tried this, but if not ... remove the batteries and wait a minute or two and then reinsert them. This should reset the unit.

May also want to try a different set of batteries

Posted by sapper on Sep. 19 2006,8:44 pm
Thanks PC,

Yep I did that.  I found a site that gave me hidden service functions.  It seems that the enter button is not working.  The "Up, Down, Left and Right buttons work, but the centre is dead.  

- IN + PWR - to full selftest of unit (screen test, keypad test, NMEA test)

- OUT + PWR - to serial port test

- ESC + PWR - to burn-in process

- LIGHT + ENTER + RWR - tp uploading of new firmware

- NAV + PWR - to call Service Function window (see below)

- NAV + MENU + PWR - to force power off, equal remove batteries.

- GOTO + OUT + POWER - clear memory and set all settings as default

I still wonder if it isn't a software issue because it just died so suddenly.  Anyway, any other ideas?

Posted by Scout on Sep. 20 2006,8:12 pm
If it's a software issue, doing a full reset will almost certainly fix it. If it's still broken after doing a full reset, it's more likely a hardware failure and much harder for you to do anything about except send it back.
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