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Topic: MeriGold Backlighting
started by: Swooper

Posted by Swooper on July 26 2006,1:04 pm
Something I have noticed about my MeriGold (firmware version 5.4) is that every time I remove it from external power (cradle connected to the cigarette lighter in my car) the backlight turns on.  I am then forced to turn it off by holding the down power key.  This seems counter to "saving the battery" and I would prefer it not do this.  Is there a way to keep this from happening?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Posted by sledgehampster on Dec. 16 2007,7:48 am
No, there is no way to stop this. Best way to minimize this is to set the light timer to the least setting. Will not stop it but will reduce the battery wasting.

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