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Topic: magellan315 problem
started by: amaxai

Posted by amaxai on June 22 2006,4:42 am
Excuse me I am an Italian owner of Magellan 315. I have a problem. My gps not acquire satellit, it work regolary i see the stripe of acquisition but its are always clear and never become dark . I have tried to reinstall firmware 3.15 whit magup but it no work.
Can you able give information to me what i can do.
Thanks for this
best regards
Massimo Aiese
Naples Italy
ps.Excuse for my bad English :(

Posted by leppardcacher on June 25 2006,8:58 pm
If you can, contact Magellen directly at 909 394 5000 (US phone #). They should be able to give you assistance. Your English is superb!
Posted by PC Medic on June 26 2006,3:20 pm
Try removing the batteries for a few minutes and then after reinstalling them reinitializing the unit (region, etc).

If this does not work then I would agree with leppardcacher in that it may be time to contact Magellan Support. If you are in Italy I would recommend that office rather than the U.S. support number however.

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