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Topic: sportrak and laptop don't recognize each other??
started by: bravo2zero

Posted by bravo2zero on Mar. 21 2006,12:43 am
I have the old style magellan that can only upload and download waypoints to mapsend, although this is still affective.
My problem is this, I reformatted my computer and now the computer just keeps running through the ports and baud rates and never recognizes the gps.
I had this problem once before and I downloaded a program that ended  in "lite" and that seem to solve the problem.

Anyone aware of this website, or problem

Posted by TOW Vehicle on Jan. 03 2007,7:41 pm
Right click on My Computer and open the Properties area
Then open the Hardware and look to see of the drivers are loaded for the Com Ports.

Posted by Renegade Knight on Jan. 06 2007,11:32 am
Windoze can re-map your com ports.  What used to be Com2 could be Com3 after a re-format. Sounds like you have that covered though.
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