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Topic: Received my GPS, need Mapsend 3D?
started by: Bearcamp

Posted by Bearcamp on Feb. 14 2006,3:43 pm
Just received my GPS the other day. I ended up going with the Explorist 400 instead of the 200. Now I'd like to know where to get Mapsend 3D for the 400. I've seen them on ebay for around 68 bucks. Is ther anywhere I might find it cheaper? Can I down load anything from the web onto it?
Posted by PC Medic on Feb. 14 2006,5:23 pm
$68 seems about the low end average for Mapsend Topo 3D.

Not sure where you purchased from (or for what price), but did you check with them. Often the dealer will offer a package price on GPS/Software.

I see there is also a $50 rebate on that model right now in case you were not aware.

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