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Topic: Meridian Platinum Vs Color GPS
started by: Arista

Posted by Arista on May 18 2005,1:24 pm
I have an opportunity to purchase a Meridian Color or a Platinum model for the same price. I would like to use it for roadtrips as well as beginning geocaching.  

The manufacturer has stated that Platinum also has an electronic compass and barometer.  How useful are these compared to the regular compass function?  The Color model obviously has color.  

Does anyone have experience with these?  In practice, which is the better model.  I know that the color has a higher retail price. I like the idea of continuous compass, but I am wondering if the color will be easier to read without using reading glasses.

Your help would be appreciated.

Posted by munchkin crew on May 18 2005,9:13 pm
Buy the color!!!!  I love mine.  I bought the traveler kit which included Streets and Destinations.  This allows me to get detailed driving directions.  Software updates are available for free at the Magellan site...If your computer is using XP with the service pack 2 installed you will have problems...When I carry mine in a bookbag it turns itself on and kills the I leave them out untill I need it. As for the compass issue I go caching with a small pack and carry a compass which I've never needed.  Hope this helps.:) And yes the color is way easier to see.

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