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Topic: Max regions - Meridian and Topo 3D
started by: ChrisD

Posted by ChrisD on Mar. 15 2005,5:58 am
Does anyone know why the default on Topo 3D is 1 region?  Shouldn't it be 4 as it was on the old Topo?



Posted by ChrisD on Mar. 15 2005,9:37 am
According to Magellan support, Topo 3D supports a region size up to 240k (I verified this in the .ini file). I was told that the concept of multiple regions per detail map is now gone in 3D due to "map density." The number of detail maps is just limited by the size of the card.

He told me that I can create multiple regions and rename them from the default "detail00.img" to avoid the over-write issue (same problem as always).

I see one drawback. If I'm correct, one could use the "old" Topo to create up to four distinct regions in a detail file - let's say New England, Arizona, a piece of Texas and a chunk of California - four regions in one detail map. When that file is active, I could get detail automatically if I zoom when I'm in any of those four regions. I believe there was a restriction of 16MB per region, but I modified the .ini and had larger regions.

With 3D, I clearly cannot get all three of these into one region, so I'd need three separate detail maps and would have to load a new map when I moved to the new region.

Not a big deal I guess.


Posted by Team Dougherty on April 19 2005,8:35 am
You can edit the mapsend.ini to increase the number of regions. This will give you the same function you had with the old version.
Posted by munchkin crew on May 18 2005,9:19 pm
How do you make that modifcation? Is it also true for Street destinations?
Posted by Team Dougherty on May 24 2005,12:17 pm
edit the mapsend.ini file in the mapsend program directory and under the device_defaults section, change the Maximum_Number_of_Regions=1 to what ever number you want.


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