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Topic: Got my Garmin 60CS
started by: rockyriver

Posted by rockyriver on Mar. 20 2004,7:17 pm
I must say these new 60 series GPS's from Garmin are abiut the best color on the market right now. Can't wait for the 76CS to arrive next month to see how it compares.
Posted by duke on Mar. 29 2004,5:32 pm
rockyriver..which do you have ...the 60c or 60cs? It sure looks as though Garmin is going to have a big seller on their hands..even tho price is sort of high...How long have you had yours and what do you like best?...least? I sure am leaning towards one...prob the 60c. :)
Posted by rockyriver on Mar. 30 2004,5:54 pm
I got the 60CS from TVNAV.COM, I am very happy with it. It was $420 plus shipping. I found it for $415 at
I just like the service at TVNAV. TVNAV supports and I had to go with them. I have had it since March 18th.

Posted by duke on Mar. 30 2004,8:40 pm
Did it come with any accessories? or just the usual manual/lanyard, etc?
What accessories do you recommend?

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